More stickers being mailed out today!


Don’t forget if you want a sticker, be sure to send us a self addressed/ stamped envelope and we will send you a sticker too!

We love sticker swapping!

Buckeye Kitty
P.O Box 1091
Quartzsite, Arizona

Almost there!

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by to check out our channel, as we continue to grow we also continue to learn, and we learn a little more with each video. If you want to see somthing in particular on our channel, we are open to suggestions. We recently hit a mile stone of 250 subscribers!!! And now we are closing in on 260, my goal for February was 260 as of right this second we are at 258, with only 3 days left i hope to hit my goal, so if you haven’t already please like, subscribe, comment and share!! Thank you all so much.