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New video alert! What did chunky get himself into this week? Be sure to tune in and find out! Also please consider leaving a like or comment! Don’t forget to share and subscribe if you enjoy our content. Thank you all so much!!!!!

Part 2 live now!

Part #2 of our trailer remodel is live now! If you haven’t watched part #1 please check it out, if you haven’t already please consider liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing! Thank you so much for following along with our journey!

New video!

New video alert!
Good evening friends, we have a new video for y’all this evening! Today we begin remodeling our travel trailer, after finding excessive water damage. Please join us along the way as we begin this new journey!

New video!

Good afternoon everybody! We have a short/ quick video for y’all today! We were gifted a new toy, so tag along as I unbox it and try it out! If you haven’t already and you enjoy our content, please consider leaving a like and comment, or share and subscribe, see y’all soon!


Hello everybody, We are Buckeye Kitty! Our goal for this channel is to share the adventures & challenges “Chunky” & I “Katt” have while traveling & living full-time in our RV with our cat’s Sunny, Stormy & Tarbaby, aka Mr. Kitty.

Along with taking you places we visit, we will share the pros & cons of RV living as well as the ongoing maintenance of our tiny home with tips & tricks that have worked for us along the way!

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