New Year…

Happy New Year 2014.

I haven’t really put any effort to this blog and feel bad about it. I have just had so much else going on.

December 24th, I lost my mother. She was only 65. She had not been well for quite some time. I miss her so much. I am so glad I got to get home to see her the summer of 2012. I hadn’t been home before this for 16 years. I treasure that visit and the pictures. Did I say I really missed my Mom??

I am very grateful to Todd for making sure I got to get home to the wake. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to get up to say goodbye to my Mom.

I lost my hospital nursing job the end of November 😦 I am in limbo at present because it is hard to even get an interview when you have to explain why you don’t have a good hospital job and why I am under current physical restrictions from the occupational health doctor.

I am hoping to get squared around and be able to get started back on classes towards my BSN degree. The semester started Monday, so I am already behind. I am needing to explore other options as an RN that don’t require the physicality that being a floor nurse in a hospital or nursing home requires. I have worked so hard to earn the degree and nursing licenses I hold. It really upsets me that I may be limited because of my back and my health. Last thing I want to do is to put a patient in harm’s way because I hurt.

Well. Just piddling around here. Will close for now. Be safe out there. >^..^<

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