June 27, 2014 Ramblings =^..^=


It is a pretty and Sunny 78 degree summer afternoon here in southern Ohio.

I am still on the hunt for employment. I have had a hard time because of my back. It has been 7 months. It has been very discouraging.

I am currently between semesters in pursuit of completing my Bachelor’s Degree. Classes start back up in late August. I am so glad all the nursing courses are all online. I have 7 nursing classes left to complete, each of which is completed over 5 weeks. Each semester is 15 weeks long. If i push myself and double up a few of the classes, I could possibly complete the degree over the next two semesters and this time next year add BSN to my credentials. I cannot believe how much writing of essays and reports that I have been required to do throughout this program. I have also been lucky that any of the remaining core classes that I needed for the degree I have been able to take online as well. I am glad that I had the fore-thought while i was working on my Associates Degree, to take courses that would not only count credit wise at the time I was taking them for my Associates Degree, but later count towards my Bachelor’s Degree retirements.

I have been spending a lot of my online time utilizing Facebook. I am grateful for this venue to share my world with my friends and family, near and far. I have many friends and family o. Facebook that I have had for many years now and have never met. I would like to someday if I ever get the chance.

I still love to collect and share funny cat pictures on Facebook…to the dismay of some, to the humor of others. I have been told that I will likely be that lady down the street, you know, the “Crazy Cat Lady” with 25 or more cats. 🙂 I also share lots of pictures of my outings with Todd and Julia. So far this spring/summer, we have already been to Ticking Hills State Park to see Old Mans Cave, Tar Hollow State park, Great Seal State Park, and Scioto Trails State Park. There are many more state parks to explore and look forward to going and seeing. We have also gone to Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival. We went to two different hot air balloon festivals last year. AMAZING!!! Hope to see more this year if we are able.

Well, I have rambled on enough for now. I need to make a point of visiting my blog more often. Please be safe out there. >^..^<

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