Introducing Stormy & Sunny >^..^<

Introducing Stormy & Sunny 20171116_145809

Hello. I wanted to introduce you to my fur-kid’s. Stormy is on the left, and Sunny is on the right. They are brothers from the same litter. They will be turning two on February 28th, 2018. When we first brought Stormy home, he came first, I had been told HE was a she. My friend was not as well versed in telling the difference between male and female kittens as I was, but Stormy was wanted regardless of his or her sex. I loved him so much that I wanted to get his brother so he would have a play mate. So Sunny came home right away. I could not resist those little Ginger faces. Similar to the old “Lays” potato chip slogan, “Cats are like potato chips…You can’t have just one!” and neither could I.


I will have to go back and see when exactly this picture was taken, but I think they were maybe 3 to 4 months old in this picture. The first picture above was taken November 16, 2017. Stormy is more a solid, muscular boy with short hair. Sunny is lighter both in color and weight. His fur is a bit longer and softer, appears more fluffy at times. I haven’t been on the scales with them in a while, but Stormy is definitely a hefty boy. All they eat is dry cat food.

Well, I shall close this for now as it is 6:50 a.m. and I have not been to sleep. I hate how I feel physically anymore. Yuck. But, I will share more on the “Boyz” as well as other topics as I build onto my page. I think this will be a good and healthy outlet for me. Be safe out there. >^..^<

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