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I have had my YouTube channel for several years now. There, I have shared many videos of my family and fur-kid’s. I have uploaded many videos from the different places and events that I have gone to with my boyfriend. I have also uploaded many of my older videos that I was unable to upload previously. So, check it out. If you enjoy my videos, give them a LIKE and share. 🙂 Subscribe to my channel and you will be notified when I upload new videos. I love to take both pictures and videos. I hope you enjoy. >^..^<

Welcome to My New Website & Blog 2018 >^..^<

Happy New Year Everyone.

Hard to believe it is already 2018. This past year for me, and many people, had been a really rough year. For that reason alone, it made it seem like a VERY long year. But now that it is 2018, it seems that last year just flew by. I pray that this new year brings more peace, joy, and better health my way and everyone else’s way as well.

This post is actually second, date wise, in line behind the introduction of Sunny and Stormy. I meant to do an initial HELLO and introduction post about myself but I find it is much easier to talk about other things, especially the antics of the “Boyz” as I often refer to them.

I just wanted to write this brief post to say hello and have a starting point for this year and going forward. The posts before this are imported from my old blog that I had created on Blogger. As you can tell by the dates, I was bad at keeping up with my blog. I always had so much going on. I did not want lose those posts so I included them here. Kind of an insight to the craziness of my life back then.

Any how, it is currently 25° and a light flurry going on here in Fayette County Ohio. My streets are still snow-covered. I am not sure how much snow we are supposed to get. Yuck. Be safe out there. >^..^<


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Introducing Stormy & Sunny >^..^<

Introducing Stormy & Sunny 20171116_145809

Hello. I wanted to introduce you to my fur-kid’s. Stormy is on the left, and Sunny is on the right. They are brothers from the same litter. They will be turning two on February 28th, 2018. When we first brought Stormy home, he came first, I had been told HE was a she. My friend was not as well versed in telling the difference between male and female kittens as I was, but Stormy was wanted regardless of his or her sex. I loved him so much that I wanted to get his brother so he would have a play mate. So Sunny came home right away. I could not resist those little Ginger faces. Similar to the old “Lays” potato chip slogan, “Cats are like potato chips…You can’t have just one!” and neither could I.


I will have to go back and see when exactly this picture was taken, but I think they were maybe 3 to 4 months old in this picture. The first picture above was taken November 16, 2017. Stormy is more a solid, muscular boy with short hair. Sunny is lighter both in color and weight. His fur is a bit longer and softer, appears more fluffy at times. I haven’t been on the scales with them in a while, but Stormy is definitely a hefty boy. All they eat is dry cat food.

Well, I shall close this for now as it is 6:50 a.m. and I have not been to sleep. I hate how I feel physically anymore. Yuck. But, I will share more on the “Boyz” as well as other topics as I build onto my page. I think this will be a good and healthy outlet for me. Be safe out there. >^..^<

Another New Year 2015

Again, I have been very lax in keeping up with my blogging. Oh, I am sure I could come up with plenty to ramble on about, but usually Facebook wins and I end up wasting my time on there.

As the title of this entry states, another new year is upon us. I hope this one is a bit kinder than last year. So much loss and sadness last year, that and the continued adventures with my back.

At this point, all four of my boys are alive and well. Heard bad news about my older two son’s dad. I pray that they will be strong and get through the next several months and enjoy the time left they have with their dad. My younger two live with their dad, so I am sure they are enjoying their daily adventures.

I did not get to see any of my boys for the holidays, which was a bummer, but I was working so it kept me busy and keot me from spending time dwelling on it. I am working full-time, through an agency, at one of the two local prisons. Very interesting. Nothing like any of the other nursing I have done. Have to continuously be aware of my surroundings and watch my back.

Yesterday was the first day of the spring semester. I am going to take three classes, which will leave me with only the capstone class left to complete for the Bachelors degree, the BSN. It will be a long 15 weeks doing both school and work, but I am in desperate need for another reliable and safe vehicle and there are always bills that need paid.

Oh, my granddaughter is now 21 months old. I did not get to see her over the holidays. Last time I seen her was this past 4th of July. But I am told she is doing ok. I miss her so much.

Well. I shall close for now. I have a bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to school work, and I have already had some technical difficulties with some of the online stuff for my class. Going to be a stressful semester but I am so close to finishing. Finally able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Take care and be safe everyone. >^..^<

June 27, 2014 Ramblings =^..^=


It is a pretty and Sunny 78 degree summer afternoon here in southern Ohio.

I am still on the hunt for employment. I have had a hard time because of my back. It has been 7 months. It has been very discouraging.

I am currently between semesters in pursuit of completing my Bachelor’s Degree. Classes start back up in late August. I am so glad all the nursing courses are all online. I have 7 nursing classes left to complete, each of which is completed over 5 weeks. Each semester is 15 weeks long. If i push myself and double up a few of the classes, I could possibly complete the degree over the next two semesters and this time next year add BSN to my credentials. I cannot believe how much writing of essays and reports that I have been required to do throughout this program. I have also been lucky that any of the remaining core classes that I needed for the degree I have been able to take online as well. I am glad that I had the fore-thought while i was working on my Associates Degree, to take courses that would not only count credit wise at the time I was taking them for my Associates Degree, but later count towards my Bachelor’s Degree retirements.

I have been spending a lot of my online time utilizing Facebook. I am grateful for this venue to share my world with my friends and family, near and far. I have many friends and family o. Facebook that I have had for many years now and have never met. I would like to someday if I ever get the chance.

I still love to collect and share funny cat pictures on Facebook…to the dismay of some, to the humor of others. I have been told that I will likely be that lady down the street, you know, the “Crazy Cat Lady” with 25 or more cats. 🙂 I also share lots of pictures of my outings with Todd and Julia. So far this spring/summer, we have already been to Ticking Hills State Park to see Old Mans Cave, Tar Hollow State park, Great Seal State Park, and Scioto Trails State Park. There are many more state parks to explore and look forward to going and seeing. We have also gone to Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival. We went to two different hot air balloon festivals last year. AMAZING!!! Hope to see more this year if we are able.

Well, I have rambled on enough for now. I need to make a point of visiting my blog more often. Please be safe out there. >^..^<

New Year…

Happy New Year 2014.

I haven’t really put any effort to this blog and feel bad about it. I have just had so much else going on.

December 24th, I lost my mother. She was only 65. She had not been well for quite some time. I miss her so much. I am so glad I got to get home to see her the summer of 2012. I hadn’t been home before this for 16 years. I treasure that visit and the pictures. Did I say I really missed my Mom??

I am very grateful to Todd for making sure I got to get home to the wake. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to get up to say goodbye to my Mom.

I lost my hospital nursing job the end of November 😦 I am in limbo at present because it is hard to even get an interview when you have to explain why you don’t have a good hospital job and why I am under current physical restrictions from the occupational health doctor.

I am hoping to get squared around and be able to get started back on classes towards my BSN degree. The semester started Monday, so I am already behind. I am needing to explore other options as an RN that don’t require the physicality that being a floor nurse in a hospital or nursing home requires. I have worked so hard to earn the degree and nursing licenses I hold. It really upsets me that I may be limited because of my back and my health. Last thing I want to do is to put a patient in harm’s way because I hurt.

Well. Just piddling around here. Will close for now. Be safe out there. >^..^<


Nice chilly day today. I went shopping at Wal-Mart this morning for a few things and you would have thought we were expecting a blizzard today and tonight.

It is snowing now. Started this afternoon with light flurries. I am so ready for spring. Was looking at tulips today while at the store and looking forward to planting pretty’s around the house this spring. Would love to be living somewhere else warmer but I really cannot complain. I have a decent and safe place to live with my family.

Well off to watch some TV with before trying to rest. >^..^<