Nice chilly day today. I went shopping at Wal-Mart this morning for a few things and you would have thought we were expecting a blizzard today and tonight.

It is snowing now. Started this afternoon with light flurries. I am so ready for spring. Was looking at tulips today while at the store and looking forward to planting pretty’s around the house this spring. Would love to be living somewhere else warmer but I really cannot complain. I have a decent and safe place to live with my family.

Well off to watch some TV with before trying to rest. >^..^<


Checking in >^..^<

Well I woke up to a snowy morning. Nothing major. Boys didn’t have any delays, we thought Miami Trace had a two-hour delay. So ready for spring, though we cannot really complain about the winter we have had this far.

Back in the fall I finished my Associates Degree in Nursing. I do plan on completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, BSN, as time permits. I will be taking my Boards hopefully sometime in March for my Registered Nurse, RN. Not much out there available with the potential to advance with just my Licensed Practical Nursing, LPN. ):

Anyhow, I am trained as a Tax Counselor now and will be assisting clients in my community this tax season. I am associated with The Well at Sunnyside and The Ohio Benefit Bank.

I will also be completing trainings for local Red Cross for their DAT team (disaster action team), as well as others. When available, I will also complete trainings toward completing Domestic Violence Registered Advocate for the State of Ohio. All if this, of course, will be as time permits with getting Boards out-of-the-way and getting a full-time nursing job.

So much to do and so little time to get everything I would like to accomplish done, lol. The way I look at it, on top of being wife and mom, I am keeping out of trouble and always learning and taking any opportunity to help someone else.

Be safe out there in your travels. >^..^<

Hello 2011 =^..^=

Hello everybody. I just thought I would start myself a blog outside of school requirements in order for me to have an outlet, if I choose, to write my thoughts or share my world in addition to my Facebook account. I am just a down to earth individual with lot’s of varied interest’s that I will go into later when time permits. I am married and have four son’s, a step-son and a step-daughter, all in their teens. I have a step-daughter from my first marriage who still calls me “Momma”. It is kind of comical as she is only 8 or 9 years younger than i am, (story for another time) but I love her DEARLY. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and currently attending Ohio University at the Chillicothe campus full-time working on my Associates Degree in Nursing with the intention of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).
I shall close for now, as I have errends to run and I still have work to do before tomorrow’s class. We are expecting a snow storm and I have heard that we could get anywhere from 3-6 inches. I hope not. I am so ready for spring already.
Please be safe in your travels. >^..^<